Project 1

I'm building an AI Video Generation application.

You can learn more about AI Video Generation from Stable Diffusion's research paper and their open source model. Although it's not quite video, you can generate AI images for free with Stable Diffusion Online!

You can also learn more about AI Video Generation from Meta's research paper, an implementation of their open source model, and Meta's website.

Here are more resources about AI Video Generation with various research papers and PyTorch Video, a set of video classification open source model libraries, also from Meta.

Check out Pika Labs' new AI Video Generation product. 👇🏾

One report from Bloomberg Technology says Pika Labs has raised $35 Million in a Series-A round led by LightSpeed Ventures.👇🏾

Another report by Tech Crunch says Pika Labs raised $55 Million in a funding round also led by LightSpeed Ventures. 👇🏾